Hunters offer services
Date: April 21, 2005

To the Editors: WhiteTail Solutions, a group of dedicated, conscientious archery hunters, would like to
sincerely "thank" those residents of Ridgefield that currently allow us the permission to hunt their property.

We understand the current situation with the rapid increase of white-tailed deer throughout Ridgefield and
are trying to do our part as state certified archery hunters. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do this
month to stop the deer from eating all your flowers.....
WhiteTail thanks deer committee
Date: April 7, 2005

To the Editors: WhiteTail Solutions would like to express our sincere "thanks" to the Ridgefield Deer
Committee for listening to our brief history as avid archery hunters in Ridgefield and our recommendations.
We have been following the deer committee this past year and commend your efforts to educate yourselves on
the complexities of this issue.

We understand there is no quick and simple solution to solve the high rate of Lyme disease, overbrowsing of
landscape and deer to vehicle accidents.
Printed February 13, 2006

Article posted February 2006
Printed April 23, 2006
Newest and (Oldest) Ways to Control Deer

FOR some suburban homeowners, the battle to keep deer at bay involves a seemingly endless switching of
strategies. When rotten eggs or clumps of human hair lose effectiveness, usually after a couple of weeks,
sprinklers triggered by motion detectors or strips of aluminum foil hung from poles might do the job. For
another couple of weeks, that is.

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within our site.
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The Newtown Bee - Dec 4, 2008

A Talk With A Hunter
By Kendra Bobowick
Joe Tucker knows that hunting upsets residents who toss out fruit and corn for the deer,
then wait during the minutes past sunrise to see a fawn stretch her neck into the warmth.  
A member of Whitetail Solutions, a "Network of Deer Management Consultants," he is
sympathetic to residents such as Lorrie Silber, who last week was distraught after her
neighbor shot a deer with a bow and arrow. What is his approach to residents unsettled
by deer management? "We try to talk to the neighbors," he said.

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