"The folks at Whitetail Solutions are professional, respectful, holistic, and above all
safe, in their approach to removing deer"

Wolf Conservation Center
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"The Whitetail Solutions fellows are polite, considerate, and humane hunters.  They
removed two deer from my property.  I look forward to having them return."

Danbury, CT
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WhiteTail Solutions Testimonials
“White Tail Solutions has been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional &
unobtrusive. Our deer problem is overwhelming, in one season they been able to
harvest 12 deer. Their valuable service is helping control the out of control deer
problem in our area.  While no one likes the idea of any animal being harmed, the
deer overpopulation is not a condition that nature intended. In addition, White Tail
Solutions donates 90% the harvested deer to soup kitchens. We have been very
fortunate to have these terrific guys helping us out.”

Ridgefield, CT
"My family and I never felt unsafe while they were on our property...nice
guys....please come back next year!!!"

Ridefield, CT
Testimonial (Children's Catch & Release Trout Pond NE Hunting & Fishing Expo)
"Our kids just loved the trout pond!  Last year my son attended the show with just his
dad, but came home and told his little sister how much fun he had at the trout pond.  
This year the whole family attended and both children had a blast!
Thank you."

Kimberly R.
Testimonial (Seymour Fish & Game)
March 2005
"I am writing in reference for WhiteTail Solutions. As president of the Seymour Fish
& Game Club, I strongly endorse the concept upon which WhiteTail Solutions is

Our club has a membership of 350 and believes very strongly in the preservation of
both the environments and the habitat that supports wildlife.  This may seem contrary
to the results of WhiteTail Solutions provide but I assure you that they both in fact
promote both of the above.  Unfortunately, the whitetail population is virtually
unchecked especially in suburbia and not only is human life threatened with increased
vehicle accidents but serious long-term change is being done to our environment and
other wildlife through defoliation.

Our club would not support any activity that did not promote safety, was
environmentally damaging, or was potentially cruel or inhumane to wildlife.  That is
why we accept venison donations from WhiteTail Solutions.  We run an annual game
dinner that feeds over 450 people and raise money for scholarships, fishing rodeos for
kids and donations to local civic organizations.  If environmental concerns and
humane concerns are addressed at the same time then we feel it is a win-win situation.

If you should have any further questions regarding this endorsement please feel free
to contact me at 203-888-4564."

Thomas Petruny
Seymour Fish & Game Club
See original letter here)
Hi Dan and Jim,

Where do we start in thanking you and the entire Whitetail Solutions team? Not only
did you help us take care of a serious deer situation, but also, you've helped the
hungry at the same time.  What a way to connect us to the natural order of things -
thanks for not making nature too much "in our face", however!  

We practically didn't even know when you were here - but, on the occasions when we
did get to meet the team, everyone was as nice, courteous and professional as can be.
 In fact, we were fascinated at the entire process.  

And, as appreciative as all of you all were to us, it is we who thank you!  September
15 can't come soon enough!  

Jill & Patrick
New Canaan, CT
Hi Dan
Thanks again for all your support of Trailblazer and USSA over the last couple of
years. I enjoyed working with you guys greatly. I hope to work with you more in time
with some of our other programs.

Frank Price Field Services Director

The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
Ph: (614) 888-4868 ext. 202 I  Fax: (614) 888-0326
fprice@ussportsmen.org    www.ussportsmen.org
"The folks at Whitetail Solutions are very professional and as discrete as possible.  
The conservation efforts of these gentlemen are to be commended.  They had the
foresight to offer services to the landowners and the citizens of Connecticut that were
long overdue.  The results are not only healthier deer populations, but healthier fields,
forests and ecosystems in general.  Decreases in property damage due to car deer
collisions, crop and landscape damage and even Lyme disease was the goal…the
results are much greater than this!  Thank you Whitetail Solutions for leading by
example and showing the world that we can all work together for a common sense
solution to a complex problem!"

Joe Saltalamachia
Unity Environmental College
Unity, Maine
"I appreciate this opportunity to thank the guys from WhiteTail Solutions for all their
efforts in keeping down the deer population on my property over the past few years.
These men have sacrificed many hours away from their families not only on nice days
but also cold and rainy days stationed in a tree for hours on end to hunt deer. Their
dedication to help keeping the deer population at a reasonable and safe level is
surpassed by their dedication to feed people that need help. They have provided food
to shelters that have fed over 5,000 meals during the hunting season. To me that is a
fantastic accomplishment in it's own.

I look forward to seeing them on my property again this season this year and for as
long as it takes to control the tick and deer population.

Thanks again guys for a fantastic job."

Frank A.
Ridgefield, CT.
"Because of a disease my son has, he is only able to tolerate ONE food.  That one
food happened to be Venison.  Thanks to the amazing folk at White Tail Solutions,
our family was given the piece of mind that we would NEVER have to look for food
for our son!  That kind of piece of mind can't be bought!  It's amazing to know there
are people out there like this!  Thank you so much!"
Stacey Dionne (mom of Timmy)
Plainville, CT