WhiteTail Solutions, LLC is an organization that specializes in "managing the deer population
through traditional & alternative methods."

The white-tailed deer is the most abundant herbivore in the Northeast.  Whitetails are valued
and appreciated by large portions of society which creates considerable controversy concerning
it's management.

Whitetail deer need adequate food, water, and living space to ensure their healthy survival.  The
number of deer that a given parcel of land can support in good physical condition over an
extended period of time is referred to as Carrying Capacity "CC".

Deer productivity causes populations to exceed it's "CC" unless balanced by mortality. When the
"CC" is exceeded the quality of habitat decreases and the herds overall physical condition

Deer populations have the ability to exceed the "CC" of a given area. When this occurs,
competition for limited food supply results in over-browsing. Severe over-browsing alters plant
species composition, distribution, and abundance resulting in a reduction of under-story
structural diversity.

Carrying Capacity is dependent upon local land use practices and deer densities along with the
priorities and practices of local human populations.

The population of white-tailed deer is rapidly increasing and with that comes higher cases of
Tick Borne Diseases, Vehicle to Deer Accidents and Landscape Destruction thus suggesting
the "Carrying Capacity" has been exceeded.

It is our goal to continually research and offer alternative methods, through our network of
experienced professionals.  We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to provide residential
and commercial property owners with an effective deer management program.

As our
free deer archery management efforts are regulated under state laws to specific times of
the year we are now offering highly, advanced ultrasonic
deer deterrent systems, as well as
deer sprays
&/or fencing to help protect your prize possessions.

Please understand these are only alternative methods (management tools).  They do not
address the true problem which is deer over-population.

If you are experiencing landscape destruction, tick infestation and/or deer over-population and
have questions or concerns about which method is the right method for you,  please
contact us
to set up a no cost, no obligation consultation.

One of our Deer Management Experts will be happy to meet with you to discuss all viable
solutions that will suite your individual needs.

We welcome the chance to meet you,  
contact us today!

We are actively seeking
state certified hunters throughout the nation, sponsors, feature
advertisers, new products and services to offer as alternative solutions.

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